About Our Jewelry

Many of our jewelry pieces are one of a kind, lovingly created by some of the most talented artisans from around the world.  These jewelry designers also follow the trends on the runways of New York and Paris and replicate jewelry designs from the leading fashion magazines as well.Most of the nicer pearl necklaces and semi-precious stones are hand knotted between each pearl or stone.  Many of the heavier necklaces may be double knotted between each stone.

The pearls, oh the beautiful pearls I see in my travels throughout Asia.  The value of the pearls may vary, but I always choose the highest quality for the best prices, so that I can pass the savings on to our customers.  The fresh water pearls vary in shapes, colors and sizes.  The highest quality fresh water pearls are more perfectly shaped and have the most luster.  The shell pearls, or mother of pearl are made from the nacre on the inside of the shell of the oyster.  They are polished for the luster and generally are 8mm up to 14mm in diameter.  They may be laser dyed to create a rainbow of colors and can be worn with a pair of jeans, a business suit or an evening on the town.  I have a friend who was wearing a black/peacock 12 mm shell pearl necklace and walked into a high end jewelry store in Hawaii.  The owner of this store could not tell the difference between this $40.00 shell pearl necklace and the sea pearls in his store which cost thousands of dollars!

Although I buy most of the jewelry for Fly2buy from China, I also buy jewelry from India and the United Kingdom and anywhere else I see beautiful jewelry that is fashionable and a great price.  Most of the earrings have sterling silver lever back closures or silver hooks.  It they are not sterling, then generally they are stainless steel backs.  If you have any questions about any jewelry pieces, Please do not hesitate to Contact Us

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