About Us

Fly2buy is a family owned business. My name is Betty and I have been a flight attendant with a major airline for almost 40 years. With the ability to travel all over the world and find incredible bargains and unique gift ideas and also listening to suggestions of flight attendant friends, I find beautiful jewelry and gifts. Many of the jewelry pieces are original designs. I have found such creative people in all corners of the world who design these beautiful products and I bring them here to you at unbelievably low prices. We can also design special jewelry or copy pieces for a wedding or special affair. Just let us know and we will let you know promptly if it is possible.

Ary, my youngest son is very creative and works with me to do photographs of the products, marketing ideas, and will be the web-site guru to update and to add a new and fresh perspective. He will also handle all technical problems.

Justin is my oldest son and will be handling sales and marketing around Los Angeles.
With his very outgoing personality and irrisitable charm (I am his mother, after all), he will introduce our concept to the southern California area.

My dear brother Greg, will be our Tennessee connection. He has amazing taste in jewelry and has helped me to design several pieces. He has an eye for the exquisite and adds that southern charm and sense of humor to the equation.

We believe that family is so important. We are all very excited to be working together to bring you an excellent and yet fun shopping experience. Welcome to Fly2buy. Please let us know any suggestions that you may have to improve our service to you.

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